Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mark Teixeira’s Wife Helped Him Go To the NY Yankees

It looks like Leigh Teixeira, the Yankees first baseman brand new wife, is the reason why Mark ended with the Yankees. And it seems as if it hot enough to tell any man what they do.

I mean, look at these photos below Leigh Teixeira:

Well, besides the beauty, Leigh is apparently also the brain surgery. I mean, they basically helped Mark with the Yankees of all teams that were interested in him to be signed.

I think Mark is the only muscle in the group, huh?
Frankly, Mark Leigh could have gotten in the Yankees organization, but honestly, I do not think it will help them to a World Series Championship. But that's just my opinion.

Well, at least they are richer $ 180 million mark and has a pretty hot wife. : D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Wallpaper

Aaron Rodgers has many girlfriends. he changed it with passage of time. in this post we puts some pictures of Aaron Rodgers girlfriends..i hope you will enjoy it

 Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend
 Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend
 Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend
 Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend

 Aaron Rodgers photo
 Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend

Xabi Alonso Footballer Photos

Midfielder Xabi Alonso of Spain national team, "King of White," Real Madrid La Liga football powers Cup of Spain showed that wants to help the agency win the UEFA Champions League win, his second this season, 10 Fr. Battle with the European Club Championship. In competition with the force of gravity. And to adorn the trophy room in his Santiago residence in New York in the.

 Xabi Alonso 2012 Image
 On Monday, 16 April midfielder Xabi Alonso over Real Madrid, he said. Intends to lead his team won the European club. For a period of 10 this season.
 Xabi Alonso
The last time the club Real Madrid appear to can win the UEFA Champions League success in 2002 and this season, Xabi Alonso, it is expected that the team of the place Santiago in Atlanta will be. Championship Trophy. Set up to showcase the successes of the club.
Xabi Alonso 2012 Image

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